Geoff Dodd talked of his childhood memories of the Aegre being seen in Spalding and chasing it. This was before the lock and Spalding was tidal. So  lovely to see this picture found on Facebook.

As reported in Mar 1931. …..”the tidal bore or “Aegre” coming in from the Wash up the Welland river to Fosdyke. This wave is from 3 to 4 feet high and travels at 5 mph, coming in from the Wash with a roar. The huge new outfall scheme, which has been passed, to take the River Welland out to deep water, will do away with this wonderful sight”….

The bottom picture was taken one minute after the top picture. …….”An immense amount of water has entered the river as will be noticed by comparing the banks in the two pictures. Barges have always waited for this flow of water and come up as shown here on high water”….