The Cross Keys, Glenside, West Pinchbeck
The origin of the name “Cross keys” is thought to be the emblem of St. Peter and was most common prior to the Reformation; many were then renamed the Kings Head after Henry VIII.
The Directories list nine Innkeeper/Licensees up to 1937. (Click on photo to enlarge)

Charles Peach husband of Elizabeth

Charles Peach husband of Elizabeth early 1890’s

1842 William Sharpe
1856 Thos. Ulyatt Inr. (Son of Thomas at the Bridge Inn)
1876, 1882, 1885, 1889 & 1892 William Chamberlain
1900 Mrs. Elizabeth Peach
1905, 1913 William Deaton
1919 Joseph Warrington
1922 Mrs. E. A. Warrington
1930 Robert Holehouse
1937 Jas. Rd. Brooks

Cross Key Inn as the building is today

Cross Key Inn as the building is today







The Cross Keys was one of the pubs that had its own Quoit yard and team of players. On the right is a Albert Holmes Burrellphotograph of Albert Holmes Burreli who was a member of this team and a great enthusiast of the sport. This shows Mr. Burrell in 1905 on the occasion of a big quoits win against the Black Swan Team of Spalding.
The Cross Keys finally closed its doors in the mid 1950’s.

Source of information: Pubs of the Pinchbecks