This house is originally known as the Pode Hole Inn. It was built by the Deeping Fen Commissioners around 1774 to cater for the needs of the great number of labourers employed in the draining of the Fens.

The Vernatts Drain was first dug in 1632 but was greatly improved in 1774 and it was probably as a result of extra labour that was employed that the Inn was built. The navvies were often paid in tokens which only redeemable at the company pub or shop.

History of the innkeepers/Publicans from Directories/Census

1856 – Thomas Marvin – in 1861 Thomas Marvin was recorded (38) as a Publican/Blacksmith with his Ann (45), son Thomas Jnr. (10) and Mary Ann (8)

1872 – William Robinson

1876 – John Sirkett

1881- John Thomas Burdell (66) was the Innkeeper/Farmer with Mary his wife (56) and Martha (14) his daughter

1889 – Daniel Arden

1892 – George Mason

1900 – William Wilkinson

1905 Tom Alfred Kingston

1913 – Alfred Swan

1919 -1930 ish – William Thomas Coddington and his wife Mary

After WW2 – George Fairbanks

Note: The Fishermans Arms is now the only Public House in Pode Hole.

Source: Pub of the Pinchbecks